Are you struggling to find meaning in life? Success and work and money not quite offering as much as you hoped? Don’t worry, there are answers.

Every so often we ask the big questions, such as: where did I come from? Is there a God? What’s the purpose in life? Is there life after death? And others …

If you’re religious, sometimes it’s a challenge to make sense of conflicting laws and rules, musts and shoulds. Are they really the will of God? Would he create such contradictions? How come so much evil is done in the name of religion?

If you prefer to find your own path, you’re probably more spiritual than religious. But how can you figure out what is truth, and what is delusion? So many competing belief systems, world views, ideas, paradigms. So many.

I’ve spent much of my life digging through this field, and although I don’t have all the answers, I’ve found a path that leads to peace of mind, and much joy.

Sometimes a few questions can help you get clearer in your own journey. Even though there are very few absolutes, there are many helpful principles that can make it easier to make sense of life, death, purpose, and the like.

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